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Manhattan Pet Toy Holiday Gift Guide

Find the perfect gifts for your furry friends and family members from Manhattan Toy! We've made it easy to find holiday gifts for your pup pals. From squeaker toys and bandanas to comfort toys and a portable doggy bed roll, there's something for every pooch in your life!

We've Got Something to Bark About!
Introducing our brand new line of toys, comfort items and bandanas for dogs!
Chihuahua / 6 years old Loves to cuddle and go for rides in the car or on the pontoon. Hates thunderstorms and anyone walking by the house that she does not know. Gross habits? Loves to lick….your face….ALL THE TIME....
Strength: Holds the title of undefeated champion in tug-o-war. Weakness: Can’t fit in most vehicles.
When she gets excited, she sings (howls) and grabs her nearest toy…then sings with the toy in her mouth

Afraid of umbrellas and the beeps of backing-up-trucks.