Apr 2, 2022
Barkley the dog is a Havanese/Maltese mix.

Havanese/Maltese = Havamalt

11 years old

Eleven years ago, I saw photos of a 6-month-old brown puppy on Petfinder.

When we met, he was too afraid to come out of hiding. I lured him with bits of cheese and took him home with me.

A lucky meeting for both of us!

  • Barkley is afraid of umbrellas and the beeps of backing-up-trucks
  • Favorite non-dog food snack is street food… literally.
  • Barkley is independent, sweet-natured, and gentle.
  • Barkley sneezes over and over when he is excited.

Fun fact - Barkley is featured in one of Manhattan Toy’s picture books – Dogs!

Barkley the dog appears in the book DOGS!

He also has a look-alike plush toy.

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