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It's their first birthday! Make it memorable with our top toy picks by category. You'll find the best birthday gifts for their 1 year milestone. From activity toys to dolls and stuffed animals, we've rounded up our most popular toys for one year olds.

Activity Toys

Stack, rock, wiggle and grasp. Activity toys offer sensory, motor, and cognitive stimulation to keep your little explorer entertained. These top picks for 1st birthday gifts with keep them guessing with cause-and-effect activities - magnets, bead runs, and more.

Magnetized stacking play - a fun twist on your classic stacker.

What kiddo wouldn't want to ride on a dino's back?

Fill it, spill it and repeat! There's just something about mini plush they can't resist.

Sea-themed bath fun - float it, fill it and spill it!

Why we love it
Tree Top Adventure
It's a showstopper for busy tots. Each quadrant offers different activities to keep them entertained while alone or with a friend. It's a toy they'll keep coming back to again and again.

Nurture Your Child's Development with Pretend Play

There is a rich world of pretend play waiting for your little one. Introducing then to a soft, easy-to-hold baby doll from Manhattan Toy around their first birthday will open a whole new world of possibilities. Dolls help your child develop motor and life skills, as well as enhance social and emotional development. Inspiring creative and nurturing role play in little ones, playing with dolls also facilitates language development as they talk to and care for their favorite doll companion.

A little doll for little hands nestled inside a velvety pod.

Soft doll bed is easy to carry and sized to fit any doll up to 15 inches.

Soft baby doll set complete with magnetic pacifier.

Folds flat and doubles as a changing pad.

Perfectly Sized For Snuggles


Velvety soft and satisfyingly squishy. These plump, weighted plush pals are a must have for imaginative play and self-comforting. Give them the gift of snuggles!


The world can be a far less scary place for a little one with a huggable, comforting companion at their side. Our 18" White Kodiak bear is a trusting pal full of big bear hugs.

Our Favorites

For the water lovers - lathering up should be full of sudsy fun.

Fill & spill play - so simple, yet so satisfying. Sensory, motor & cognitive learning all in one.

Softly scented with lavender + comes with a magnetic pacifier.

For snuggling and gentle rocking time.