A colorful floral pattern wit red burst that reads 1st Birthday Gifts.

It's their first birthday!

Make it memorable with our top toy picks by category. Discover the best birthday gifts for their 1-year milestone. From activity toys to dolls and stuffed animals, we’ve curated our most popular toys for one-year-olds.

Activity Toys

Our developmental activity toys provide sensory, motor, and cognitive stimulation, engaging your little one and helping them reach their milestones.

Pretend Play

Soft baby dolls inspire nurturing role play, enhancing social and emotional development, and encouraging language skills.

Snuggle Pods

Your 1-year-old will love this adorable first baby doll with a soft satin-lined interior and velvety exterior. Perfect for bedtime and nurturing skills.

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Doll Bassinette

As your 1-year-old explores, this soft doll bed supports motor skill development and language through nurturing play.

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Wee Baby Stella

This 12-inch soft baby doll is perfect for role play and nurturing, making it an ideal first doll for your little one.

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Doll Diaper Bag

This set encourages motor and language skills through play, including a magnetic bottle, diapers, wipes, cream, and a bag that opens to a changing mat.

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Our Favorites

Walrus Washcloth

A playful washcloth with a fun walrus design, offering sensory stimulation and making bath time enjoyable for your little one.

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Put & Peek Birdhouse

A sensory toy with four colorful rattle birds and a birdhouse with easy-open doors, encouraging motor skills and sensory exploration.

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Sleepy Time Wee Baby

This lavender-scented baby doll set includes a magnetic bottle and soft bear, promoting motor skills and language development during bedtime play.

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