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Stella® Collection™

Welcome to imaginative doll play.

The only soft doll your toddler needs. Perfectly sized, comes with a hallmark magnetic pacifier, and is machine washable.

Feed their curiosity.

Play centers and musical toys bursting with playful activities to capture their attention and encourage open-ended play.

95% of reviewed products rated 4and above!


My granddaughter loves her Wee Baby Stella! She plays with it for hours. The potty is her favorite accessory.


My son loves the Diego Dino musical toy! It's adorable and has a xylophone and a maraca tail.


My 8-month-old son loves this colorful llama soft book. It squeaks and has a crinkly rainbow.


This soft photo book is perfect for helping babies recognize family members.


I love the adorable Baby Stella dolls! They are so soft and the magnetic mouth and pacifier are a great feature.


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