It's their third or fourth birthday!

Discover fun-filled selections for preschoolers. We've created a collection of awesome birthday finds that take the guesswork out of finding the best gifts for 3 and 4 year olds. From games and pretend play to snuggly pals, there's something for every busy toddler.

Activity Toys

These toys offer cognitive, motor, and sensory stimulation to keep busy tots engaged. Our collection includes games and playsets, perfect for 3rd and 4th birthday gifts.

On-The-Go Making Faces

Channel their inner Picasso - there's no wrong way to create!

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Flora & Fauna Tea Set

Do you like cream or honey in your tea? It's high time for a tea party!

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Toadstool Bowling Set

Bowling for mushrooms
anyone? Enjoy indoors and out!

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Nurturing Play

For the caretaking kiddo, give them the gift of nurturing play with soft dolls, plush pals, and play accessories. These picks are excellent 3rd or 4th birthday gifts for boys and girls alike!

Playdate Friends Alex

Playdate Friends Alex comes with a removable outfit and bear companion, all machine washable. Doll play encourages motor development and nurturing role play.

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Sleep Tight Sleigh Bed

A delightful wood bed with a tufted mattress, pillow, and blanket. Fits dolls and stuffed animals up to 15 inches tall. Stackable for more play options.

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Baby Stella Doll

This award-winning doll has brown hair pigtails, a striped outfit, and life-like details. It inspires creative role play with its soft, beautifully crafted features.

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Perfectly Sized For Snuggles

Nursing Pets

Mama hedgehog and her piglets are adorable! Each stuffed animal mama comes with three magnetized babies, promoting nurturing and empathy.

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Lyle, Lyle Crocodile Plush

Straight from the classic book, Lyle, Lyle Crocodile is now a super velvety, plush toy. Perfect for little book lovers, this famous domesticated reptile brings storytime to life.

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Our Favorites

Little Nook

All are welcome in this playhouse. Fun fact - there's a hammock in the loft!

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Bunny Hop Mixer

A dash of joy, a pinch of imagination, sprinkle on a little laughter and you have the perfect recipe for play!

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