Treat your 2-year old to toys that will keep them guessing. If you've found yourself wondering - what do I get for a two year old? We've made it easy to find popular toys from every category that are sure to surprise and delight. Here's our picks for 2nd birthday gifts right at your fingertips!

Activity Toys

Let's roll, stack and dance our way through play. Activity toys offer sensory, motor, and cognitive stimulation to keep your little explorer entertained. These top picks for 2nd birthday gifts will keep them guessing - musical instruments, a magnetic stacker, a push cart and more.

Push it along or sit and play for a while. This cart has it all - activities, storage and easy-rolling wheels.

Blast off into magnetic stacking playtime! Each disk is magnetized for added complexity and learning fun.

Pup Match Up Game for kids.

Pick a pup, then match it up. A game of memory, recognition and pup-themed playtime.

A quartet of instruments for musical exploration, disguised as buggy friends. Clack, shake and clang your way through playtime.


Musical Diego Dino

Perfectly sized for toddler play, encourages musical exploration and doubles as room decor. Need we say more?

Nurturing Play

Imaginative role play encourages social emotional learning, and language development. Give them a gift that provides a caring companion for playtime or encourages them to take care of their favorite dolly. These popular picks make for excellent 2nd birthday gifts for boys and girls alike!

Stella Collection Soft Crib

Stella Collection Happy Camper Set

Playdate Friends Alex

Mopettes Beau Bunny

Perfectly Sized For Snuggles

LEGO Minifigure Plush

Perfect for LEGO Minifigure enthusiasts! Shop our growing
collection of characters to find the perfect fit for birthday gifts.

Cozy Bunch Plush

Cozy Bunch plush are floppy, understuffed and satisfyingly soft animal friends. Plush pals are great gifts for promoting self-comforting and empathy - perfect for any 2 year old.

Our Favorites

Wet and wild friend for bath time or kiddy-pool adventures. It's a whale of a good time!

A great gift for any doll lover. Splash into playtime – no water required!

Raise your tentacle if you're an octopus fan! A super soft pal ready for cuddles, snoozing and adventure.

Play a tune with this likeable llama. It's removeable tail doubles as a maraca!