Junebug the dog is a Siberian Husky/German Shepard mix.

Gerberian Shepsky (This is a fancy schmancy made-up name created for a Siberian Husky / German Shepherd Mix)

Age 11

  • Loves cats, snow, laughter, goat cheese / hates flies and scorching hot weather
  • Any gross habits? Not really.  Actually she is very clean…after every meal she cleans her face…our rugs are her napkins.  She also enjoys getting her teeth brushed at bedtime.
  • Last thing destroyed ……Her stuffed raccoon.  Most stuffed animals lose body parts slowly over time…Mr. Raccoon still has a tail, but no eyes, nose or ears.
  • Any nicknames? Is there a story behind that? Junie B Jones, Kissbug, JB, Snugglebug, & Bug
  • Favorite games?  Loves to find us when we are hiding, also she loves to play-wrestle with us.  Love to chase off the bunnies (while leashed) we discover on our walks…flushing out all the hidden bunnies in the brush is a favorite thing.
  • Favorite toy? Stuffed chipmunk, aka “Chippy”
  • Junebug is afraid of Amazon delivery vans that beep and mean ornery cats.
  • Favorite non-dog food? Strawberry ice cream.
  • 3 words that describe my furry friend: Lovebug, Hilarious, Adventurous.
  • When she gets excited, she sings (howls) and grabs her nearest toy…then sings with the toy in her mouth

Fun fact: this snowdog loves to swim!  When swimming, she makes a little grumbly noise…we think this is her concentration sound.