Apr 2, 2022
Walden the dog is a Newfoundland.
Breed: Newfoundland 

Age: 2 years old

  • Strength: Holds the title of undefeated champion in tug-o-war. Weakness: Can’t fit in most vehicles. 
  • Any nicknames? Waldy for short, or Waldina when he’s being a drama queen.  
  • Favorite games? Walden’s favorite game is chasing or being chased, followed by a linebacker style tackle. He will settle for a game of extreme tug-o-war any day. 
  • Favorite toy? His favorite toy can change daily, depending on what you have in your hands. 
  • Is afraid of…Waldina is afraid of spooky noises in the woods. Walden on the other hand is not afraid of anything. 
  • Favorite non-dog food? He will do anything for a cookie treat, but offer him anything else and his selective hearing kicks in. 
  • 3 words that describe him: Large, in charge 
  • When he gets excited…You better watch out. 

Fun fact: He loves watching construction vehicles and workers. 



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