Coco the dog is a Chuhuahua.

Chihuahua / 6 years old

  • Loves to cuddle and go for rides in the car or on the pontoon.
  • Hates thunderstorms and anyone walking by the house that she does not know.
  • Gross habits? Loves to lick….your face….ALL THE TIME.
  • Nickname is “Beaner.”    She has various shades of brown and looks like a chocolate or coffee drink.
  • Favorite games: Coco likes to run in circles throughout the house and likes to be chased. She is very fast. It’s fun to change directions on her and hear her feet slide as she changes direction.
  • Favorite toy is a stuffed Fraggle Rock “Boober.”  They’re about the same size!
  • Coco is afraid of lightning. She will stay with you until the storm passes.
  • Favorite non-dog food? Dairy Queen treats or Starbucks pup cup (whipped cream).
  • 3 words that describe my furry friend: clingy/faithful/watchful.
  • When Coco gets excited, she whines or moves very fast from place to place.

Fun fact: Coco loves to chase deer. She watches for them out the patio door and barks when she sees one. She’ll take off after them, but they disappear into the woods, and she gives up but maintains her watch.