We've Got Something to Bark About!

Apr 4, 2022
Dog toy shown with pet food bowls.

We’ve got some new products we’re excited to bark, errrrr, tell you about! Our new collection of pet toys and accessories is finally available for you to bring home to your furriest family members.

You read that correctly. Manhattan Toy, makers of beautifully designed and thoughtfully crafted toys for small humans has created a line of equally beautiful and thoughtful toys and accessories for pets.

Introducing Manhattan Pet Toy!

Many of us at Manhattan Toy are pet parents, in addition to being parents and grandparents of little people. And many of us have noticed over the years how there is a gap in the pet market for toys and accessories that are approached with the same level of thought and care that go into making toys and accessories for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, but it never registered that we could do anything about this.

Then, one day not too long ago, an “a-ha!” clicked in our always-insightful creative director’s mind—why don’t we make toys and accessories for pets with the same intentional approach and love we put into making toys and accessories for children!? And just like that, Manhattan Pet Toy was born.

With the creative team already being incredibly busy designing new collections for LEGO®, Target®, Anthropologie®, and ourselves, we had to keep things as simple as possible for our launch into the world of pets. This meant we could only launch with a limited number of items and we needed to narrow in on one kind of pet (for now). Due to the creative team being primarily dog owners, dog toys and accessories are what we chose to make.

Our thoughtful design process (more on that in a post to come) led us to develop our product line based on three core aspects of pet parenting: bringing a new pet home, bonding with your pet, and providing an older pet with extra comfort. From this approach, we have crafted four areas of products. First, we have playful toys for bonding (playtime is bonding time after all). Next, we have snuggly toys for welcoming and comforting. And rounding out the lineup, we have colorful bandanas for stylin’ and a beautiful, quilted bed roll for comfort on the go.

We’ll be sharing more about this fun line of toys and accessories over the coming weeks. Until then, here are some fun photos of a few of the products!


A closeup of two squeaky dog toys.

Squeaks A Lot Bo Bunny & Scout Squirrel 

Pink and blue squeak toys for pets shown with a leash.

Freaky Squeakies Blueberry & Raspberry

Lion pet toy with heartbeat mechanism to calm pets.

Comfort Pals Lucy Lion with the included heartbeat insert


Dog laying on a portable roll up pet bed with reversible design.

 Our beautiful quilted bed roll

Dog toy shown with pet food bowls.

Our fearless mascot in blue, Leapin’ PomPom!


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