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Toys that make playtime bonding time and establish new rituals.

Fun bandanas to elevate your pet's fashion sense.

Help new pets transition to new surroundings with Comfort Pals.

A comfy and stylish pet bed you'll be happy to have out in the open.

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"Without my pet, my wallet would be full, my house would be clean, but my heart would be empty."

- Anon
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Bring a little piece of home wherever they go to ease your loyal companion's travel jitters.

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My Happy Place

Because playtime is bonding time.

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Dogs of Manhattan Toy

Strength: Holds the title of undefeated champion in tug-o-war. Weakness: Can’t fit in most vehicles.

Loves cats, snow, laughter and goat cheese / hates flies and scorching hot weather.

Afraid of umbrellas and the beeps of backing-up trucks.

Loves to lick...your face…



Something to Bark About

Our new line of pet toys is now
available for you to bring home to your
furriest family members.
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