How to Plan an Adopt a Pet Party

Aug 2, 2022

Your step-by-step guide to party planning prrrfection

Birthdays are such an exciting time, but planning a party can seem daunting for busy parents. Fear not! Our how-to on throwing an adopt-a-pet party takes the guesswork out of planning your kiddo's next birthday bash. See examples from our friend Andi Teggart's puppy party - it's PAWsitively perfect. Then, take advantage of our buy 2 get 1 free plush promotion to find pets for your party!

Step 1: Choose a pet theme

Use your imagination - unicorns and bears make excellent pets! With this playful party theme, kiddos get to choose a pet to adopt. Shop our stuffed animal collection for pet inspiration.
Adopt a puppy theme party with puppies in brown bags on bed. Photo credit to Lucky Andi.

Photo credit: @luckyandi

Step 2: Plan fun-filled activities

Once everyone has chosen a pet, let the fun begin! Naming and creating personalized collars is the perfect activity for the new pet parents. Don't forget the adoption certificate to make it official! You don't have to be a DIY expert either, Andi found adorable adoption certificates and party signage on Etsy. 

Design your own collar examples with kids sitting at table crafting a collar from pipe cleaners and beads. Photo credit to Lucky Andi.

Photo credit: @luckyandi

Step 3: Stock up on tasty treats

From puppy chow to unicorn cupcakes, play up any theme with mouth-watering snacks. We find Pinterest to be a great place for inspiration. 

Foods on table related to puppy party theme including 'paw'sta salad, little cheese and veggie nibbles, pretzel sticks as fetch sticks. Photo credit to Lucky Andi.

Photo credit: @luckyandi

Step 4: Carry the theme through to simple decor elements

Whether it's patterned paper plates or animal-shaped balloons, small decor elements can add a little whimsy and flare to your party aesthetic.  No need to go over-board - let the pet activities and birthday babe be the star of the show!

Stuffed animal dogs and happy birthday garland strung across fireplace mantle for party decor. Photo credit Lucky Andi.

Photo credit: @luckyandi

For more information on Andi's puppy party head over to her blog

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