Toys that Celebrate the Natural World

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The Manhattan Toy Design Team consists of graphic and fashion designers, a product engineer, illustrators, pattern makers, and writers. We put all our skills to work on one of our newest collections – Natural Historian.

We surround ourselves with inspiration that captures the emotion, colors, patterns, and characters that are influencing our consumers. This understanding guides our design and theme choices. We strive to look current and fresh yet timeless.

While seeking direction for the year, one universal theme really stood out - celebrating the natural world - gardens, forests, tropics, animals, birds, and bugs. Below are images from our 2019 trend guide.



Natural Historian Inspiration

Natural Historian Inspiration

Always up for a field trip, the design team pays a visit to the Bell Museum of Natural History to enhance our understanding of the natural world. 

The moth and butterfly collection inspired a gift boxed set of flying finger puppets.
At the Museum
Little explorers will find joy in a classic wood camera with three lens choices! Check out our video below!
Our Natural Historian Lemur comes equipped with a camera, also check out the new book about opposites found in nature!


Whoa!! Look out!!!


The Natural Historian collection does, in fact, feature a woolly mammoth stuffed animal along with a book about feeling different – you can’t get much different than being a pink woolly mammoth!!!


Our goal as toymakers is to bring happiness to everyday play. But there is also joy in the making of Manhattan Toys. We throw ourselves into the task with passion and... love!

Thank you for taking a look behind the scenes!


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  • Lisolette September 30, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    The thought and design behind this collection is so fresh and thoughtful!

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