Play This Memorial Day Weekend!

1 comment May 21, 2014
By Manhattan Toy Editors
The official kick-off to Summer is almost here, Memorial Day weekend. It appears that most of the US will have beautiful weather, for at least part of the holiday weekend, so make sure you and your family take advantage of it. Movement and play is not only important for your body, but thinking skills too.  Here's our top five reasons to make your Memorial Day weekend a 'play-cation.'
Imagination is one of the most powerful human strengths. About age 2, children start to tackle imaginative play.  This is when they often start sharing made-up stories. Then, as kids grow older, the line between pretend and real becomes more defined, but imaginative play continues to nourish mind and spirit.
Oh the things you'll see!  This time of year it's fun and easy to explore, and the world is truly a beautiful place; flowers are blooming, trees are budding and the animals are having adorable little babies.  Get out in your area or take a drive to somewhere beautiful.  Most likely there's one not too far away. 
A little sun exposure is a good thing!  Just not TOO much.  Actually, the body needs some vitamin D, and the sun gives us it.  Lather on some sunscreen and slather it on your family members.  Plus, if you all begin building a little sun tolerance in the spring, no one will get that burnt in the coming hot months.
It has been proven many times that play matters because it pushes us to try things, meet others, work with tools or other people and think critically.  Research shows that kids do better academically when they have recess and are physically fit.
It may seem obvious, but not enough kids and adults get out and move enough on a daily basis. Playing ball, playing tag, biking, going up and down stairs, walking, - all of it counts.  There's almost no part of you that doesn't benefit from exercise: bones, muscles, lungs, brain.   Whatever you do this weekend, all of us at The Manhattan Toy Company wish you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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