Picking Your Child's First Toy

1 comment Nov 13, 2013

Guest Post By Rachel Pitzel of Club MomMe LA

One of the most exciting things for expectant and new parents to pick out for their new baby is their child's first toy.  Sure, selecting a stroller and nursery set are fun for day-dreaming (just imaging pushing your baby in that pram and how cute the nursery will look), but a toy is one of the first things that will engage your child's senses besides its caretakers.  And there is nothing like playing with a baby!
Newborns are born with such immature eyesight, they would qualify as being legally blind!  However, they can see things that are within 8 to 12 inches of their face, even if it is blurry.  However, babies do not just experience the world through their eyesight, they have four other senses that you can stimulate to encourage brain growth and development.
Babies experience much of the world through touch, and just about everything a baby touches will end up in her mouth.  A newborn's mouth is their primary means of exploring and learning.
When selecting that first toy for your new arrival, look for something that will really play to all of these primitive senses.  My son's favorite toy for his first six month was his ManhattanToy Winkel.  We literally did not go anywhere without it.  With thin twisting bars, it is easy for a baby's chubby, but soft grip to pick up and hold on to.  The soft texture and the structure encourage baby to put the Winkel in their mouth.
Made without BPA or PVC, and meeting the SPSIA and European Phthalate Standard, you can relax knowing the Winkel is non-toxic and safe for baby. 
Baby can shake the Winkel and produce a fun noise, and the bright colors encourage baby to look at it.  Best, it's thin loops make it easy to wrap around a toy holder for easy travel on the go without worrying that it will fall on the floor and get dirty or worse, lost.
As we prepare for baby number two, I already know what her first toy is going to be....a Winkel.  Let's just hope my toddler doesn't try to relive his baby days and play with it too!

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