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1 comment Aug 9, 2016

Baby Stella peach aside a Wee Baby Stella peach doll on a floral background. Text incudes: A "wee" version of our award-winning Stella doll collection.

Our Baby Stella® soft baby doll collection has been winning awards and the hearts of little ones around the world.  So, we thought, why not make a smaller version and call her “Wee” Baby Stella. The 12 inch Wee Baby Stella™ dolls have the same lifelike features as the regular 15 inch Baby Stella dolls but at a smaller price too. The same great features, including the quintessential magnetic pacifier are reduced in size, but not in play value!

Wee Baby Stella dolls come in peach, beige, and brown fabric tones starting at $25.  Since their introduction in 2016, we've expanded the collection to include doll gift sets that include adorable doll-size accessories. Like those found in our Tiny Dino or Yoga set.  

Wee Baby Stella sets including the Yoga set with a little girl playing with the doll, and our Tiny Dino set pictured with a little boy jumping with the doll and accessories in hand.

You’ll also find lavender scented dolls like our Beige Sleepy Time Scents that incorporate Cellesence Scent Techonogy. This innovative scent technology uses a micro-encapsulation delivery system that releases a soft fragrance with every squeeze and embrace.

Wee Baby Stella diaper changing set with doll on diaper pad.

Does the little in your life, love doll play? Then you'll want to check out our collection of Wee Baby and Stella doll accessories. From feeding and bassinet play to dress up and diaper changing, there's something for every little doll lover. 

Doll play inspires creative and nurturing role play in little ones. Plus, it encourages language development, as little ones talk to and care for their favorite doll companions. Find the perfect first baby doll for your little boy or girl by browsing the full line of soft dolls.

1 comment

  • Shirley Smith November 22, 2016 at 11:41 pm

    Wee baby Stella is so adorable. I just know our little girls would love her.

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