Toys that Support Development for Newborns to 3+

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No matter what age, your little ones are achieving developmental milestones.  Whether you have a newborn or a toddler approaching kindergarten, it’s never too early or too late to foster their growing array of skills.  At Manhattan Toy, we are all about learning through play! That’s why we have picked out a few age-appropriate toy suggestions to support your child’s cognitive, social/emotional and motor development through play.

Toys that Support Newborn Development

From the moment they enter the world, newborns begin to learn and develop in their new surroundings.  Whether it’s opening their eyes, to find the world is rather blurry or putting EVERYTHING into their mouths to discover new things, they’re constantly learning.  Here are a few great toys to support newborn development:

  1. Wimmer-Ferguson Nursery Novel – great for visual and cognitive stimulation with touch and feel textures. The high-contrast graphics are easy for baby to see, capturing their attention and encouraging them to focus.
  2. Winkel – excellent grasping/rattle toy for little hands -  building motor function while soothing teething babes' sore gums (can be refrigerated for cooling relief).
  3. Snuggle Pods – soft snuggle doll promotes self-soothing, while providing a comforting companion for nap time or on the go.
  4. Soft Books – promote elementary reading skills while fostering color, word and animal recognition

Wimmer-Ferguson Nursery Novel / Winkel / Where's The Bone / Snuggle Pods Sweet Pea

Developmental toys that support newborn development. Includes Wimmer-Ferguson Nursery novel being played with by infant, a Winkel teether on a soft rug, a Snuggle Pods Sweet Pea soft doll propped up against a pillow and a women reading Where's The Bone? soft book to an infant on her lap.

Toys that Support Development for the One - Two Year Old

By 12 months of age, many children have already achieved so many developmental milestones – rolling over, crawling or even saying their first words.  But, it’s just the start of what’s still to come. 

Here are a few great toys that are great for budding toddlers:

  1. Deep Sea Adventure – great for little ones looking to pull, slide and spin gears and beads as they foster motor skills and experience cause and effect

  2. Baby Stella – the must-have first doll for your child. This soft-bodied doll is great for role play, teaching empathy and supporting nurturing play.

  3. Musical Lili Llama - an excellent toy for musical exploration while teaching cause and effect and color recognition.  Musical toys are also great tools for learning numbers by counting every drum, tap or musical sound.

  4. Simply Board Books - it's never too early to introduce elementary reading skills.  Soft and board books for littles encourage letter and word recognition, while introducing colors and learning to follow a simple story line. 

Tree Top Adventure / Musical Lili Llama / Baby Stella Fella / Izzy & Piper Book

Toys for 1 and 2 Year Olds

Toys that Support Toddler Development (Three +)

As little sponges, toddlers are eager to learn.  Discovering new territory and experiencing new things is what it’s all about.  From embarking on adventures, like rummaging through an open cabinet or drawer, asking questions you’re rarely prepared for to getting their hands on anything within reach! Preparing your naive little people for preschool and social situations are not always easy, but here are some helpful toys to the rescue!

Toys for your preschool age littles:

  1. Making Faces Memory Game - Classic memory games encourage recognizing similarities and differences in pictures, while exercising short term memory skills. This particular game also ads in a social-emotional element by featuring pictures of facial expressions on the cards, so kids can identify emotional expressions they see in everyday social situations.  
  2. Simple to Complex Stackers – Stacking toys are excellent for encouraging motor development, spacial reasoning and problem solving.  
  3. Making Faces – Little ones will have a fun time making faces with this magnetic set while learning to recognize facial expressions and identify emotions. Learning to understand emotional expression sets kiddos up for success in social situations. 
  4. Learn To Dress Doll - An excellent doll for toddlers learning to dress themselves.  Important skills to practice in order to improve dexterity and encourage independence. Dressing features include a working belt buckle, shoes that tie or snap, a vest that zips and pockets that button or fasten. 

    Making Faces Memory Game / Wood Stackers / Making Faces Magnetic Set / Baby Stella Learn To Dress Doll

    Toys for kids age 3 and up

    These are just a few ways toys can be used as learning tools. The best part? Play is fun, so learning through play keeps even the youngest of learners engaged! Find these and other great toys for fostering your child’s development.


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      These blocks are wonderful gor kids to help with there development stage.. These are a great source of entertainment

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      I love the wooden toys and so do my 2 and 4 year old. My wife just bought a whole bunch of toys for my 2 year old here

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