Wonder with a Wink

Nov 30, 2015
winkel banner Babies delight in grasping things as early as four months. It’s when their fresh baby brains are just starting to develop their fine motor skills. While new infants can physically wrap their hands around an object (our pinkie fingers for example. Cue melting hearts), after a few months, they seek things out to grab. What’s more, this is right around the time their eyesight develops enough to track interesting objects and bring them to their mouths. The development of hand-eye coordination in your little one is an essential stage! Know what else is essential? Making sure the target of their newfound wonder isn’t your favorite pair of hoop earrings (ouch). Your infant is most often entranced by contrasted patterns, shiny things, and bright colors, which makes our Winkel a winner across the board. Soft, colorful loops made from safe, BPA– and PVC­–free plastic are the perfect size for your tiny one’s curious little fingers to grasp. You can also pop it in the fridge for a teether they won’t ever want to let go. Your babe’s gums (and your earlobes) will thank us. winkel images

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