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May 10, 2012

Welcome to the Manhattan Toy Blog!  At Manhattan Toy our mission is to make parents and kids smile through our commitment in providing quality toys that inspire imaginative play. Because engaging with parents like you is one of the most important elements of what we do every day, we see this as a great opportunity to share even more information and ideas!

One of our goals is to bring to you inspirational and real life stores about everyday experiences from our very own “Mothers of Manhattan Toy”.  We as a company realize that Moms are the heart of our business.  And many of the employees who make up the fabric of Manhattan Toy are mothers themselves.  The role of being mom is very challenging and rewarding at the same time.  So we thought it would be fun for us to use this forum as a way to share with you everyday real-life experiences happening in our own lives.  Plus we hope that you will enjoy reading our posts and feel free to share with us your wisdom and experiences.

Please continue to follow us on our Blog as we bring you promotional offers, new product information, parenting tid-bits, and much much more!

You can follow us on our other social media sites and visit us at www.manhattantoy.com.

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