We’ve Got the Tools for Successful Tot Travel

Nov 20, 2015
Travel Image For a parent, road rage is something that doesn’t happen outside the car so much as it does in the back seat. A bored, tired or uncomfortable tot can be just as difficult on the road with as a crazy driver.  With the holidays coming up and with relatives to visit, road trips are inevitable! But sitting still is hard. A toddler’s typical attention span is no more than six minutes, according to the early childhood professionals at Day 2 Day Parenting. The trick to holding on to your toddler’s sanity (and let’s be honest, yours too) is to keep him or her engaged and comfortable! We at Manhattan Toy have bright, fun, snuggly solutions that will help you do away with any car seat catastrophes that may come your way. From high contrast tactile toys that can strap right on to their seat, to cuddly neck pillows that ensure your babe sleeps soundly, our goal is to make the back seat just as fantastic and delightful as your play room at home. The only cries you’ll hear from the back seat are cries of joy!
Carseat Gallery neck pillow


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