Virtual Birthdays Are So “In”

May 4, 2020

Birthday Fun

Who knew virtual birthday parties would be a thing? Let’s face it; quarantine has caused us to adapt and get crafty. After all, even during these times of social distancing, it’s still important to take the time to celebrate life’s special moments, milestones, and achievements. That’s why we have come up with some fun and creative ways to host a B-day party, quarantine style! From virtual events and car excursions to backyard fun, there’s sure to be something fun for everyone!

Virtual Party Ideas

Paint It Up!

Got a kiddo who loves to paint? Create a virtual paint party. In your invitations, Include the guest of honor’s paint topic, along with the materials everyone will need to create their masterpiece.  Diamond Painting kits are an excellent option for older kiddos. Have everyone share their creations at the end.

 Music Session

For the Music Lover

Music teachers and companies like BeatbudsThe Music ClassBubbles Academy, and MacPhail Center For Music are offering virtual music sessions. Invite your kiddo’s friends and family to participate in the musical event.  Into party favors? In your invite, send along a musical toy like one of our musical shapes to enhance their musical experience!

Royal Magic

Got a little one obsessed with a Disney® Prince or Princess? Then you might want to check out Ever After Princess. They offer virtual meetups with all their favorite Disney royalty. It’s sure to be a magical event.

Dress To Impress

Photo Credit: @alexisrichison

Dress to Impress

Does your little have a favorite color, animal, or character they’d love to see? Invite friends and family to a virtual themed party. Share the theme in your invite so everyone can dress up. It’s sure to be a gas!

Games Galore

Who doesn’t love games? Host a virtual party with games and activities kids can do near or far. The classics never fail Eye-spy, Simon Says, or even Yahtzee! They don’t require anyone to be in the same room. For younger kiddos, the Caribu app also provides virtual games capabilities that allow for playing virtually with guests. The Houseparty app is excellent for older kiddos. This app also allows for virtual gaming with guests while video chatting. 

Baking Fun

Photo Credit: @theheinrichhouse

Bake Party

What’s a birthday party without cake? Throw a delicious party that everyone can enjoy. Turn your party invitation into a cake baking kit. Inviting guests to the birthday star’s bake themed party. Have fun baking, while enjoying time with friends and family. 

The best part? Everyone gets to enjoy the yummy creations!

Virtual Play

Your kiddo’s favorite indoor play gym is closed, but places like Sky Zone offer virtual birthday events led by a live party coordinator. Kids can play games, participate in activities, and even learn a TikTok dance.

Craft Together

Got a crafter in the house? Sending out a crafting kit with the invite, such as a building set, moldable clay, or papercraft instructions, so parents and kids can get creative together during the event. Have the guest of honor choose a theme or leave it open-ended and guess everyone’s designs.

Party at Home Ideas

Drive By Wishes

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Drive-By Wishes

Plan a drive-by birthday event! Invite friends and family to attend a drive-by birthday party. Encourage guests to get creative by decorating their vehicles or making signs to hold in the windows for the birthday guest of honor. To add to the birthday fun, try decorating the outside of your home, with streamers in the trees or a sign that lets people know to honk for the birthday star!  For gift-givers, they can drop off the presents on the driveway as they pass by.

Scavenger Hunt at Home

Create a scavenger hunt or mystery map for your birthday boy/girl. Indoor or outdoor, keep it fun and exciting. 

For younger kiddos, use symbols or pictures to help them navigate, for older kids, use riddles and simple equations that bring them to their next clue. Have them find little gits along the way, or have the final prize be a birthday present!

 Home-made Ball Pit

Photo Credit: @tashaklassen

Ball Pit Party

Let’s face it; ball pits are fun! They are perfect for littles, as they can stay entertained for hours playing in the pit. You can make a homemade ball pit. All you need is a baby pool and a few bags of balls to create a birthday to remember. With older toddlers, have them “go fishing” for small toys you have right at home.

Got Friendly Neighbors?

Get your neighbors involved in the birthday fun. Ask your neighborhood friends to place stuffed animals, paper cut-outs, or even birthday messages in their windows. Then, take your family for a walk through the neighborhood in search of fun animals, creative papercrafts, or birthday wishes! You can even create a pre-made list of all the fun animals, or messages to look for and check off along the way.


The National Parks are closed, but your backyard is your very own private park! Pitch a tent and turn the day into a backyard camping excursion, full of outdoor games, picnic lunch, and storytime in the tent. Don’t have a tent? Then make your own indoor tenting experience. String up some twinkle lights, get out the sleeping bags, and plan a slumber party under the ‘stars.’ No need for a campfire mom and dad, a toaster oven can create some pretty epic birthday smores.

Birthday Star

Photo Credit: @theheinrichhouse

Amidst your party planning, don’t forget about gifts for the birthday star! You’re sure to find something for any young toddler celebrating their special day when you visit our gifts by age category. Plus, save 20% on your purchase when you subscribe to our email.

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