Toys that double as room decor

Oct 13, 2020
These eye-catching toys become beautiful decor in any playroom.
rocking chair dog
Terrier the Plush Rocker features wooden rocking base, ears that crinkle and wood handles for toddlers to grasp and hold. Comes fully assembled and stands 23 inches tall.
Playful Pony
This Playful Pony is packed with multiple play surfaces, bead runs, peg mazes and more. Teaches cause and effect learning while fostering fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination.
Extra large stuffed animal bear in room scene, seated on a wood floor next to a chair in front of a patterned wall.
Kodiak Bear is an over-sized bear - 40 inches of snuggle perfection. A statement piece for any kids room or play space. 
The Musical Chicken is packed full of instruments like a xylophone, cymbal, clacking wings and a maraca tail and the whole thing is cute enough to leave sitting out for all to see.
Classic wood stackers add an element of interest to any shelf. Featured here is our Brilliant Bear Magnetic Stack-up and our Bam-Stacka-Lacka.
Our Skwish is not only a teething rattle toy for infants, its design was inspired by the minds of scientists.
Our Tree Top Adventure is an award-winning activity center with 4 quadrants in the shape of a tree. Its thoughtful design allows up to 4 little ones to play at once while its beauty adds color to any playroom nook.

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