Retailer of the Month Feature: Be Craftful

Sep 11, 2013
Be Craftful, in Fanwood, New Jersey is new to the specialty retailer marketplace – only open since this past June, but excited and roaring with business!  The owners, and husband and wife team, Demian and Amy, chose to start up their company in Fanwood because of how great the town is and how nice family living is there. 
“We just knew it was the perfect place to open a toy store.  It’s really become a destination for moms and dads to bring their kids to create, gift, and giggle together.  We hope to always offer this kind of experience,” said Amy.
Be Craftful encourages children to create things on their own and use their imaginations.  They host numerous in-store craft events each month for shoppers.  “This is why we love the Manhattan Toy imagine I CAN line!” said Amy.  The store also carries a variety of classic play toys including games dolls and figurines.
Amy says it’s fun to work with all types of manufacturers and find the best products for their store and customers. 
“I love sifting through all the catalogs and finding the newest, most unique items!  We always keep a lot of fresh and classic favorite items in our store.  The most rewarding part of my job is seeing how happy we make our customers – especially when they find the perfect toy, knowing I was able to provide them with it,” said Amy.
Thank you Be Craftful!
250 South Avenue at the Fanwood Crossing
Fanwood, New Jersey
(908) 322-3226

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