Playtime with Baby: A Simple and Beautiful Pleasure

May 14, 2014
I admit: I love baby things.  Consider baby clothes, baby essentials, and baby toys my new obsession. (Gosh, how things have changed since being head-over-heels about stilettos.) However, I'm a mom now, and I'm proud to say my life now revolves around my 8 month old son Nicholas.
As a natural journalist (I come from a background in TV news), I do my due diligence when it comes to just about everything. So when I researched The Manhattan Toy Company, I discovered the baby brand has a lot to offer.  
I featured the company's Whoozit in one of my All Things Mama episodes (I have an online mommy show on YouTube). The Whoozit, I came to find, was just one of their many fab toys, so after researching other Manhattan items, I chose four to "taste-test" while playing with my son.
First, the Color Burst Mirror. I had been looking for a secure, safe, and colorful mirror to attach to my son's crib. (Nicholas is at that age when he's becoming enamored by his reflection.) The mirror is totally soft with no hard edges, plus it has a playful look, enticing Nicholas to approach it.  (Colorful design and patterns.) And as it turns out, he's very pleased with his new mirror, which makes mama happy.
Next, the Wimmer-Ferguson Learn & Play Ball. Granted, Nicholas is still a little young to really, truly "play ball," but the big, soft, snuggly ball is a perfect start for my future all star. (Yes, he has my permission to be an professional baseball player.) It jingles as you play, simply ideal for my son who now loves anything that makes noise.
I love this next one, especially because I consider "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah," one of "my songs" with Nicholas.  The song talks about a blue bird, so I was clearly intrigued by Manhattan Toy's Put & Peek Birdhouse. The birdhouse is simply adorable. Inside the colorful cage are four sweet little rattling birdies. Now I have props when singing "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah."
And finally, Manhattan's Find the Frog Softbook. I believe in reading. I've read to Nicholas since the day he was born. But only until recently, did Nicholas seem more interested in eating books. And so, to prevent page tears and paper cuts, this soft book is perfect for a teething baby. He loves to touch-and-feel each page.
Playing with my son has become such a simple, beautiful pleasure. Seeing him smile and hearing his laugh makes my heart over-flowingly full. There is nothing better than being a mom, and I'm determined to give my son the happiest childhood I possibly can. Moms, I'm sure you can agree with me: our little ones deserve nothing short of a happily ever after.
Nadine Bubeck is a mom, wife, TV personality, host, speaker, blogger, and author. Her book, Expecting Perfect: My Bumpy Journey to Mommyhood, is Nadine's completely candid and uncut pregnancy journal.  For more information, visit:  It is also available on Amazon. And check out Nadine's online mommy show, All Things Mama: &her lifestyle

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