New Traditions: Valentine's Day 2015

Jan 26, 2015
Valentine Post Picture 2015 Valentine’s Day is a time to remind the one you love just how much they mean to you. As tradition may have it, couples young and old often find themselves buying flowers, chocolates or even taking their “sweetheart” out to dinner.   But how are traditions born? Somewhere along the way, someone must have decided that going out to dinner, or surprising your loved one with a dozen roses was the best way to show your love.   But, what if you want to include your children in your Valentine’s Day celebrations? Whether you’re first time parents, or a family of five looking to start a new tradition, we’ve got five family-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas for you! 1.) Throw a Valentine Inspired Party This year, February 14 falls on a Saturday. It’s the perfect day for a get together!
  • Have your kids help with decorations – check out these craft ideas from
  • Create a Valentine’s Day themed menu – check out for ideas
2.) Create a House of Hearts Hide construction-paper hearts all over the house for the kids to find. The one who finds the most hearts wins a special treat! This fun idea came from 3.) Movie Night by Candlelight Pick out a Disney classic like “Lady and the Tramp” or perhaps another family favorite to watch. Pop some popcorn and light some candles for a fun movie night with a little Valentine’s Day twist! 4.) Red Hot Menu! From breakfast to after dinner dessert, carry a Valentine’s Day themed menu through the day. Visit for more Valentine’s Day inspired meal ideas.
  • Breakfast
    • Heart shaped pancakes and sliced strawberries
    • Sweeten the deal with some whip cream!
  • Lunch
    • Grilled cheese and tomato soup!
    • Use a large heart shaped cookie cutter to shape the bread slices into hearts
    • As an added garnish, cut out bread pieces in the shape of Xs & Os and place them on top of your soup
  • Dinner
    • Heart shaped pizza: bake a homemade pizza and shape the dough into a heart
    • Top with your favorite toppings
    • For added fun, use a mini heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut your pepperonis into little hearts!
  • Desert
    • Hugs and kisses sugar cookies – visit for recipe suggestions
    • Top with red sprinkles for added flare!
5.) Get Crafty Create some Valentine’s Day crafts! Celebrate by crafting and enjoy your creations for years to come. Check out these great crafting suggestions from      

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