Manhattan Toy's Monstrous Halloween: Trick or Treat With MiO!

Oct 24, 2016
Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! That's because little ones are encouraged to use their imaginations to appear as their inner alter-egos or favorite heroes and heroines. From witches and ghosts to foxes and bears, there's a costume fit for every child. Even as adults, Halloween is a chance for us to learn from the children around us. We can pretend to be something different and add a little creative mystery to our day. To celebrate our love for this unique holiday, we've created this cute MiO Trick or Treat video we're sharing below 


To get you in the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to share some of our favorite spook-inspiring Manhattan Toy playthings! You can even use them as costume inspiration for you or your little one if you're running short on ideas. 


MiO-fox-skunkThe MiO collection provides open-ended play to inspire a little builder's imagination. The Woodland + Fox + Skunk set features a mix of natural and brightly colored wood pieces. The friendly animals have hand painted, wood heads and beanbag bodies that are perfect for a toddler's hands and tactile play. The adventurous little fox and skunk have a hoot of a time swimming through the river and racing through trees!



Luxe Sale Bear is probably the sweetest and softest bear you'll ever encounter! The Luxe collection is known for its ultra-plush fabrics, which make these adorably soft animal characters irresistible to touch. Your little one won't be able to say no to hugs with this lovable bear. 


Monty the Monster Magnetic Stack-Up

Monty The Monster, quirky, fun and anything but scary.  This green monster stacker is unlike any you've seen before.  Monty has magnetized blocks that not only stack up to create a happy faced monster, but they can be rearranged, taken apart and reconnected to create different shapes, structures and more! 



This raccoon is as mischievous as they come. From sneaking through the backyard to cuddling up to watch a movie, he's always looking for a new place to explore. Be sure not to leave any snacks laying around or he'll scoop them right up! 


Are you as excited as we are to celebrate this fun holiday? Comment below and let us know what you and the kiddos are dressing up as this year! And don't forget, shop today to get free shipping on standard orders $20 and over and an additional 20% off when you join our email list. Happy Halloween-ing!  



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