Manhattan Toy Lil' Artist Day

Aug 15, 2012
At Manhattan Toy® we strive to feed the imagination of children and parents alike.  So on Friday August 17, we’re hosting our second Manhattan Toy Lil’ Artist Day!  We’ve invited all of our Manhattan Toy employees to bring their children, grandchildren and young family members into the office for a day of fun-filled artistic activities.  What could be more fun than going with your mom or dad to work, especially one that works at a toy company?

Some fun activities will include drawing their favorite Manhattan Toy products.  These unique and imaginative designs will be displayed in the office to be enjoyed for years to come!  
Plus they will parade around the office with musical instrument of their choice.

We can’t wait to see how everyone’s kids have grown!  Check out scenes from our first Lil’ Artist Day.
          Look Dad!
                 Toys Galore!                              1-2-3 March!


 Watch for some live Tweets during the event.

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