Imaginations at Play on Halloween

Oct 23, 2013
Halloween is the one day each year that you can become anything you want, so of course we love this holiday that encourages using your imagination and creativity!  Even though Halloween is just one week away, most of our office is still trying to decide what to dress up as this year.  Below you'll find a collection of past costumes worn by the Manhattan Toy family.
What are you or what is your family dressing up as? Still looking for your little one's look?  If they love Manhattan Toy, check out our offerings.  We have a variety of Groovy Girl Dress-Ups and Monster and Me outfits on sale this week!
Lara Croft and Hitman
Cowardly Lion and Dorothy
A Lady Bug
Barbie and Ken
Cinderella, Superman and Spy
Giraffe and Scooby Doo
The Chipmunks - Simon, Alvin and Theodore

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