How to Keep Little Hands Busy on Rainy Days

Apr 2, 2014
We all know that Spring brings rain, and rain means finding fun and educational activities to keep our kids engaged while inside. Not always an easy task! As a teacher, I really try to search for the best of the best for my girls. I just can’t see purchasing just "toys" when there are so many amazing things that are fun to play with and teach at the same time. While searching for the perfect activities to fill our "playroom"-home school area, I ran across the Manhattan Toy Company and have been thrilled with all of their products. So far my favorite has definitely been the Put & Peek Birdhouse.
My daughter Annaliese is a whopping 1 year old now and let me just say that it is getting harder and harder to keep her engaged! She just has so much energy! As parents, and teachers, it is important that we know and understand that discovery play is a MAJOR part of a child’s life. Heck, the Montessori Method of teaching (which is what I taught) is totally based on it! Not sure what discovery play is? It’s simple really. Discovery play allows children to learn about their world and how things work. I’m not sure if you are this way, but in most cases, children (and some adults) learn best by doing. This means that discovery play just fits into their daily lives.
In order for discovery play to go smoothly, you need the right toys and environment. Here is where Manhattan Toy comes in!
Right there on their website they describe themselves using just the words I am looking for! About Manhattan Toy - Imaginations at Play! Play is discovery and exploration, and joy, and growth, and learning, and so much more. And for us play is serious work. So when we bring play to life, we do it with a commitment to the finest in craftsmanship and creativity. All of our products, from the newest concepts to our time-tested classics, are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight our consumers large and small. (From About Us section of the company website)
Play is extremely important in a child’s development. If you can combine simple play with imaginative exploration and discovery play you will have hit the jackpot! This is exactly what Manhattan Toy has done.
I chose the Put & Peek Birdhouse because it has such an awesome array of visual and tactile stimulation as well as the exploration possibilities that easily push it to the top in the discovery play category. This toy is simply adorable and I love the fact that it has a variety of places for the birds to be put in and taken out. The Put & Peek Birdhouse is recommended for ages 9 months and up. From the moment the box came, Annaliese was absolutely captured by the brightness and noises that this toy displays. Each bird has a small difference in the noises it makes (some rattle, some crinkle, etc.) and according to Annaliese ALL are edible!
She has spent many rainy days playing with this, she just can’t get enough! She will pack the birds in, close the top, grab the handle and walk to a new spot to do it all over again. What’s not to love about a toy that makes a child think, engage and problem solve all while having fun? Watch this video! She loves figuring out which hole she will find the birds in next. :)
Here's a list of our other top toys from Manhattan Toy to keep little hands busy  on dreary spring days:

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