Family Fun Month: August 2013

Aug 7, 2013
Did you know that August is Family Fun Month?!  It’s just one more great reason to plan some family fun activities this month.  Need some ideas on what to do with your family?  Mom’s Choice Matters blog has some awesome suggestions that might be just up your alley. 

At Manhattan Toy, we are all about spending time with family and loved ones, that’s why we’ve added a few of our own family fun activities that we will be enjoying this August:
  • Family Reunion! – The majority of my family lives in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area, but when we get together for a family reunion, the WHOLE family gets together.  I’ve got cousins, great aunts and uncles and even 3rd cousins all over the U.S. and they all do their best to make it into town for some good old-fashioned family fun.  Complete with an egg toss, three-legged race and badminton!  We have to rent out two park pavilions so everyone has a place to sit.  Gotta love family!
         ~ Amanda J. – Marketing Coordinator ~
My Dad, enjoying the Minnesota weather
  • Family Visits! – I am so excited to have my parents and brother all in one place for a whole week!  I was born in Yugoslavia and after spending my adolescence growing up in Germany, my mother, brother and I moved to the United States when I was 20.  Over the years my family and I have lived states and even countries apart from one another.  But, all that will change for one week!  My mother recently moved to Minnesota, my brother flew in from California and my father has already made the long journey to the U.S. from Bosnia!  So glad I have a few more days with them.
          ~ Maja B. – Financial Accountant ~ 
  • State Fair! – Where do I begin???  The Minnesota State Fair is always the last hurrah to the end of the summer.  My family and I look forward to it every year as the summer comes to a close.  We have several things we always have to do which include: our must-play games and of course must-have foods! As far as games go, we always get our tokens to play the “coin dozer” machine.  We could play that game for hours; it’s hard to quit when more coins just keep on falling.  We LOVE the grilled corn on the cob, but the fair just wouldn’t be the fair if we didn’t stop and get a whole bucket full of Sweet Martha’s Cookies to share!  My mouth is watering just thinking about the great food and fun times ahead of us.  ~ Carrie S. – Marketing Specialist ~
    My vegetarian daughter refusing meat on a stick
    Milking a goat in the 4-H building
      From all of us at Manhattan Toy: Enjoy your family fun this August!

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