Epic Summer Bucket List for Kids: 40 Fun Ideas

Aug 1, 2016

By: Kaila Weingarten, MS ED

The summer is reaching it's end, but there is still plenty of time and ways to enjoy the remaining days of summer.  Searching for some summer activity inspiration?  Look no further.  This is not your typical list.  With the last of these long summer afternoons, you’ll no longer have to hear “Mommy, I’m bored!”  These cool and educational activities will be enjoyed by all. Bubbles: Who can resist bubbles? Easy and handy, you can try these fun ideas. Bubble Blowing 1. Blow bubbles on a windy day and chase them. 2. Do a toy car wash indoors or out. 3. Foam up some dish soap plus a few of drops water in your blender, mixer, or food processor. Put on a tray, in the sink, or bucket and play. Great sensory fun! 4. Have kids clean choice appliances using the foam bubble solution (yay for Mommy!). 5. Take an old-fashioned bubble bath. Give your child (or yourself) time to enjoy one! Cool Treats Teaching counting, measuring and science is way more fun when dealing with food. And nothing says summer like something sweet and frozen. Your child can help you with these kid friendly recipes. 6. Prepare your own ice cream sandwich. Gather soft cookies and ice cream. Your child can scoop ice cream and create a sandwich. For more fun, roll the sides in sprinkles, nuts, or your favorite toppings in shallow bowls. 7. Ice cream in a bag-easy, fun, cool! 8. Bake cupcakes in ice cream cones and then decorate them. 9. Smoothies are almost a meal in a cup and easy to create. Children can peel, then cut bananas using a butter knife. They also will love throwing fruit in. 10. Frozen fruit on a lollipop stick can placate your child when he asks for yet another ices. A favorite? Frozen grapes, cut in half. 11. Blend one bag frozen fruit with one Greek yogurt (black cherry flavor works well.) Freeze for a yummy, healthy ice cream.

Beat the Heat

Some days it’s too hot to be outside. Try these family activities instead. 151940 Pawrrific Lion HP_05512. Turn over a table or gather chairs into a circle in the center of the room, then drape blankets over them to construct tents. Flashlights and a snack can create a fun environment while you read some books. 13. Make a photo journal or a family yearbook. 14. Practice making interesting shadow puppets and then put on a show with your characters. My children love the bunny puppets. 15. Take a book out of the library or buy some new books. to chill with. I used to go to the library with my mother and take out the maximum amount of books allowed. They’re not called beach reads for nothing! Besides, you’ll be instilling a love for reading in your children. Try to attend story time at the library. 16. Write and send a letter. I used to write and get a lot of letters in camp. I’ll bet any neighbor, sibling or relative will be tickled pink to get a letter from your child. Where's The Bone Reading Time 17. Interview a grandparent or elderly person about their childhood. Ask about their favorite toy.  Do a random act of kindness. Start ‘em young! 18. Take a video. Lights, camera, action! 19. Have a family talent show. Things to Do (Outdoors) Revel in the warm weather and make the most of it! 20. Paint landscapes on canvas at the park, and your child will feel like an artist. 21. Have an outdoor painting party using huge canvases or cardboard. 22. Catch (and release) fireflies. 23. Watch sunrise or sunset. 24. Stage an A to Z scavenger hunt, where you have to find something that starts with every letter. 25. Go on a photo walk and take pictures. Later, create a scrapbook with the photos. 26. Go for a walk in a nearby forest or park. “Mommy, can we go for a walk?” is my three-year-olds refrain. Bonus: She comes home tired and ready for bed after an evening walk. 27. Time capsule: Virtual or real, you will have fun! For the Entrepreneur Are your children exhibiting a “business” sense? Hone in on life skills by letting them manage and create these events. 28. Turn the backyard into a carnival; set up a face painting area and games like ring toss. 29. Set up a lemonade stand on hot days. 30. Throw a great yard sale. My sister’s children had a big yard sale with many of their neighbors. Clear out your closets and earn some cash! puppet show31. A play, concert, or puppet show can keep groups of children occupied and entertained. Be sure to invite your doll friends, as well! My daughter won’t leave her stuffed animals out of the fun. Sensory Sand 32. Make an indoor sandbox using colored rice. Mix four cups of rice, three tablespoons rubbing alcohol, and a few drops of food coloring. Let dry overnight. 33. Make your own colored sand (you can use chalk to color salt) and create sand art. 34. Play sand bakery. Invite your Groovy Girls to watch from the distance. Chalk it Up Practice drawing on the biggest expanse! Chalk doodling_2 35. Using chalk, draw sidewalk bike paths. 36. Create life-size portraits with sidewalk chalk. 37. Make a giant Hopscotch or Twister game on the lawn (with spray paint) or driveway (with chalk). Water Play Cool off with water. 38. Run through the sprinklers outside or create your own mini sprinkler by poking holes on the bottom of a plastic cup. 39. Let kids paint the sidewalk with water and sponge brushes. When their creation dries, they can begin again. 40. Summer is a great time to give your child a boost. Concerned about your child’s development? Your child will gain and grow with any of Manhattan Toy’s wonderful products. Play is helpful at any age and stage. Try it today, you’ll be happy you did. What’s on your summer bucket list? Tell us about it in the comments.

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