Easter Baskets by Design

Mar 24, 2021

We all know that designers have an innate ability to make things look good.  It's why so many of us look for inspiration from professional and amateur designers across the board. 

Whether it’s for kid’s room décor, birthday invitations or even how to wrap a present. So, we thought, why not ask our Manhattan Toy designers to help us create some adorable Easter baskets to ignite your basket creation process.  Take a look, get inspired and have fun finding the perfect gifts and goodies for your little’s Easter basket this April!

Baby Basket

Filled with a delightful book and characters from our Cherry Blossom baby collection. There's Piper the bunny, a soft book Flutter by birdie, some Natural Baby Beads plus this adorable pull Musical Rainbow.

baby basket

Don't be afraid to mix up your basket ingredients. There's a whole gamut of things you could gift to the littles in your life. Is your babe learning to feed themselves? Add in some baby spoons or meal-time mat that makes meal-times easier for you and fun for baby.  Perhaps your little loves their bath time, splurge on tubby-time essentials or add some new bath toys into the mix. 

Toddler Basket

Filled with games and squishy-soft plush. Check out this weighted dinosaur Stomper from our Velveteen Dinos collection, a memory game that fosters social-emotion learning called Making Faces and one of our wood stackers - the Boom-Shock-a-Lock-a.

kid basket

Little love surprises, and can find joy in the littlest of things. Think small this Easter, what simple things can bring the most joy? Like our Little Nook sets, they are itty-bitty, but offer imaginative play time for toddler enjoyment. Games are a fun additive to any basket as well.  Offering playtime fun that they can enjoy again and again. Do you have spring travels planned? Perhaps new swim apparel is on your list to get. No matter what you choose to include in your little's basket this year, seeing the look of excitement and joy in discovering all goodies in their basket is well worth the time put in.


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