Don't Forget the Toys

Oct 2, 2014
When planning for your first child there are many things to consider adding to your baby shower gift registry.  From the car seat and crib, to clothing and diapers, there are so many things to think about.   All parents want what’s best for their baby, from the best pacifier to the stroller.  But, while you’re registering for all the newborn essentials, you can’t forget the toys! Within the first weeks and months of life, newborns transition through many developmental stages.  From changes in vision to muscle control.  Toys play a crucial part in these early stages of development by providing the necessary tools and stimulation needed to support their growth. shower2 Here are the top five toys we recommend for any infant:
  1. Winkel™
    • The one of a kind Winkel is a teether and rattle all in one. Made with a soft plastic tubing design, this toy is easy for little hands to grasp, shake and explore.  It can also be placed in the fridge to sooth baby’s teething mouth.  This unique toy supports fine motor development and can help in soothing baby’s teething pains.
  2. Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile To Go™
    • This on-the-go mobile attaches to most strollers and carriers for traveling convenience. The high-contrast patterns are perfect for stimulating baby’s vision throughout each level of visual-development starting at birth.
  3. Snuggle Pods™
    • Each of the sweet characters in the Snuggle Pods collection offer snuggly companion for any baby. Each soft doll’s plush fabrics and embroidered features are easy to nuzzle.  As the child develops their fine motor skills, Snuggle Pods grow with the child as they learn to take the doll in and out of the pod.
  4. Whoozit® Activity Spiral
    • Perfect for travel, this whimsical activity toy is cleverly designed to stimulate baby’s senses. The first of its kind, the Activity Spiral easily wraps around stroller and carries providing visual stimulation for baby.  As baby grows, reaching for the hanging attachments will promote gross motor skill development.
  5. Skwish®
    • The uniquely designed Skwish has been around for over 30 years! Baby’s love to grasp, teeth and “Skwish” this beloved toy.  Sliding wooden beads create a clacking noise when shaken, enticing baby to exercise fine motor skills.  As baby grows, place Skiwsh on the floor within arm’s reach of baby during tummy time for added amusement and support of gross motor skill development.

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