Costume Inspiration in Two Easy Steps

Sep 24, 2021
Fall theme display with halloween cookies, pumpkins, stuffed animals and a cat.
Photo credit:  the.modernmama 

Are you a halloween fanatic? Or, maybe just overly excited about dressing your littles up in costume. Either way, we have two easy steps to inspire your costume creations for Halloween and beyond. 

Play room scene with a bright orange sun on the wall, and a shelf full of toys from Manhattan Toy and other brands.

Photo credit: to.thesimpleheart

Step 1: Raid the Toy Bin

A good rummage through the toy bin or play space is a great place to start. Use your little one's favorite toys as inspiration. Perhaps there's a stuffed animal that comes to mind, or you have an aspiring chef who loves kitchen play time. Dig, sort and ponder the possibilities. 

Toddler-age girl on porch with Wee Baby Stella farmer doll in hand and farmer's market stand behind her.

Photo credit: emneicher

Step 2: Toy Translation

Once you've identified the toy or theme, now it's time to get creative. A direct interpretation of their favorite toy or play set is an easy option. If they love doll play, they could "twin" with their favorite dolly. Or have them compliment the toy's theme. Truck lovers could become construction workers, while kiddos with a love for their stuffed pig could be a farmer. 

Crafting a costume for your kids should be fun and stress free. The best part, they can enjoy playing with their dress up attire all year long! 

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