Behind the Scenes: A Toy's Journey From Idea to Best Friend

Jun 17, 2016
At Manhattan Toy, we find joy in making playthings for kids! Our wish is to create toys that become childhood favorites, but a lot of work goes into making unforgettable toys. Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a Manhattan Toy approved friend? Take a visual tour with us to see how our newest baby collection is coming to life! STEP 1: TREND RESEARCH The whole process begins with trend research. We travel the world, searching our surroundings for inspiration - store visits in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tokyo - trade shows in London, Paris, New York - along with trend forecasts and web research. This helps us to develop our unique vision. photo of the trend wall STEP 2: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT The next step is to develop new characters. We chose animals - a bear, lion, monkey and elephant. Drawings STEP 3: PERSONALITY BUILDING Now they need personalities. Our talented illustrator sketched some ideas to make each character extra special. Bill drawing STEP 4: STYLE GUIDE After the characters and personalities are defined, a style board is created for each new toy. The purpose of the style board is to determine color & pattern direction based on our trend research. style guide STEP 5: WAIT A MINUTE. WHAT DOES BABY NEED? A very important part of Manhattan Toy's toy creation process is thinking about the needs of each child who plays with our toys. Our entire team has a thorough understanding of a child's developmental stages and since this collection will be for the 0+ age group, every item must meet strict safety standards and have fun developmental features that will engage baby. After all, a bored baby is not a happy baby! STEP 6: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER The next step is to create digital illustrations that bring all of the design and development elements together - trend, character, pattern & palette, and formats. collection drawings STEP 7: SAMPLES Finally, the first samples are here! samples arrived STEP 8: THE FINAL TEST Nothing causes more excitement in the design studio than a box of new samples. But we're not done yet! Our new toys are fun, safe and designed with baby in mind. The final test, however, is to determine if the toys are completely irresistible. What do you think?

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