Around the World with LEGO® Minifigure Plush

Jun 3, 2021
Girl jumping over LEGO minifigure plush characters.

Around the World with LEGO® Minifigure Plush

Manhattan Toy, Official Licensee of the LEGO Group

Did you know we’ve partnered with the LEGO Group to create LEGO® minifigure plush? They are soft toy versions of LEGO character favorites, like Emmet and Lucy from THE LEGO® MOVIE 2, LEGO STAR WARS Chewbacca, even THE CHILD™! We could not be more excited to share about our latest LEGO arrivals. Plus, all the places you can find them in store and online.

Our LEGO partnership began with the release of THE LEGO MOVIE 2, where we introduced the first five characters in our licensed LEGO product collection – Lucy, Emmet, Sweet Mayhem, Unikitty and Angry Kitty. Along with eight super-soft LEGO clips that included even more fan favorites from THE LEGO MOVIE 2.

Since the start, our soft minifigure characters and clips have had a home in Target® - both instore and online. Also included are the LEGO STAR WARS minifigure plush series in 2019 and THE CHILD™ + LEGO® NINJAGO® in 2020. We continue to grow our collection each year.

Shopping for LEGO Star Wars minifigure plush in store at Target.

Photos captured in Target stores by and @creatinghomewithwhit

Now, boasting over 18 different minifigure plush toys. From Darth Vader and Butterfly Girl to Shark Suit Guy, the gang has grown into a colorful collection that STAR WARS and LEGO fans alike can enjoy.

LEGO minifigures now available.


So, what is more exciting than discovering all our soft LEGO minifigures? Being able to find them in places across the globe, like all LEGOLAND® Parks in the US, Europe, Japan, and Malaysia. Plus, Discovery Centers and LEGO retail stores across the US and Europe. You heard that right LEGO fans; our newest characters are right in the center of all the fun! But you can also find them in store at Von Maur and Target, or online at, and

In store aisle view of new LEGO minifigures in Windsor, UK store.

Photo captured in LEGOLAND Windsor, UK store

Now that you have the scoop on our licensed LEGO characters, we wish you happy shopping!  Enjoy finding your favorite LEGO minifigure plush online or at a store nearest you.

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