And the Winner is . . . Manhattan Toy!

May 19, 2016

We love when our products receive awards; which is why we're sharing the news about our recent award winners!  Check out all the below recent awarded winners and the great things reviewers had to say about them.

Chicago, Illinois (May 31, 2016) hundreds of nominations have been named finalists for ASTRA’s 2016 Best Toys for Kids list, the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) announced today and our Winkel is among the finalists. The winning toys will become “the year’s top picks from America’s play experts” for the 2016 holiday season.


Every year, the Tillywig Toy awards program helps bring light to the best new toys, games, apps, music and books of the seasons for both consumers and retailers.   This year, they’ve selected our Groovy Girls® Special Edition Ballerinas and our Ocean Adventures Finger Puppet Set™ as winners!. The following reviews were written for each awarded product: “Groovy Girls, a brand long known for embodying self-identity and individualism, now adds two special edition ballerina dolls to the collection. These soft, 13-inch dolls, each with lovely yarn hair and expressively embroidered facial features, have distinctly different appearances from one another. Their cheerful countenances and detailed, carefully styled attire inspires young girls to engage in nurturing and exploratory imaginative play. Melissa's golden hair is styled up in a bun, with a gold, metallic headband. Lacey's is black, with flowing tresses and a red cloth headband with pink pom-poms attached. Melissa comes dressed in blue, with gold embroidery, Lacey in pink and red with black and white striped leggings. In a particularly inspired flourish, both ballerina dolls (also known as Fairybelles) wear removable gossamer wings that, like their outfits, can be mixed and matched.” “Children and parents alike find this finger puppet theater set to be among the most enchanting and delightful things they've ever seen. More importantly, kids glom onto it immediately, spinning stories and giving live performances that are as imaginative as they are spontaneous. The fold-able stage, brilliantly and playfully illustrated with undersea flora and fauna, has a cutout window that provides the perfect backdrop for these live performances. Three plush finger puppets are included - a purple octopus, a mermaid, and a deep sea diver. Each is colorfully detailed and adorable in its own unique way. The set's delectable design and ease of use (pop a puppet on your finger and start talking) provides instant inspiration that catapults children's imaginations into sustained high gear. It's a genuine blast to watch kids having this much fun!" Recommended Age: 3+ Tillywig Toy Award Winners The good news doesn’t end there. Our Treehouse Stack-Up™ has been selected to receive The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval.  Their product testing division, run by independent testers including parents, educators and panelists of The National Parenting Center, have determined that our Treehouse Stack-Up is worthy of this special recognition! A nice review of our awarded product follows: "Treehouse Stack-Up was celebrated in our testing centers as being a breath of fresh air. Not gender specific (nothing to do with cars, trucks, dolls, etc.) it appeals to both sexes with its gender neutral colors (orange, green, beige) and gender neutral theme (treehouse). Also, it is nice to discover a toy that doesn’t require batteries and doesn’t have a single bell or whistle. This toy is great for developing fine motor skills as well as fostering creativity and imagination (how many different ways can you stack the pieces to build the treehouse? Can you stack the pieces without having it tip over?). There is no right or wrong way to play with this toy. The 12 stacking pieces are of high quality and are extremely durable. They have been dropped, stepped on, thrown, put in mouths and have yet to chip or dent. There is no assembly, once you take it out of the box it is ready to go." Recommended Age: 18 months and Up National Parenting Center Award Winner Last, but not least, we are proud to announce that our infant mobiles received a second place ranking among readers of Baby & Children’s Product News.  This includes our Skwish® Mobile™ and our Wimmer-Ferguson® Infant Stim-Mobile™. The June/July issue of Baby & Children's Product News will have a complete list of all recent award winners like us! Baby & Children’s Product News has been the top trade publication in the juvenile products industry for the past 14 years and is now read by more than 20,000 consumers, wholesalers, and manufacturers in the United States, Canada, and other countries, the vast majority of whom read every issue.  Baby & Children’s Product News features up-to-date information and comparison charts on apparel, toys, bedding, decor, furniture, and other product categories. Recommended Age: O-5 months Readers Favorite Award Winners For a complete list of all our award winning products be sure to visit our AWARDS section on our website.

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