Favorite 1st Baby Doll

Nov 7, 2016
Compilation of Baby Stella and Wee Baby Stella dolls, accessories and children playing with them.

Play is an essential part of every child’s development.  Doll play is one of our favorites!  I mean, who wouldn’t want to encourage learning through role play? For your little one's first baby doll, we suggest Baby Stella or Wee Baby Stella dolls for nurturing your child’s development.

Not only are these adorable dolls soft and snuggly, but the attention to detail in each Baby Stella and Wee Baby Stella doll creates a lifelike appearance for each soft doll.  From lifelike fingers, toes and belly button to that oh-so-sweet Stella smile.  

What's the difference between them? Our 12 inch Wee Baby Stella dolls have the same adorable features like that of our 15 inch Baby Stella dolls but are available at a smaller size and price too!  You can find our Wee Stella dolls in a Target, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby or a specialty store near you.

Compliation of Wee Baby and Baby Stella accessories and dolls along with a little girl playing with the Stella collection picnic set.

Besides encouraging young ones to care for their dolly, the robust assortment of accessories in the collection supports the development of fine and gross motor skills.  From removable clothes for dressing, feeding and diaper changing sets, cradles and more the complete doll collection includes tons of playful accessories that provide ample ways to play. Little ones can learn all about what it means to comfort, care, and nurture.  Thanks to Stella, we’re making the world a softer place. Shop our Baby Stella and Wee Baby Stella collections today!


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