Yes, You Should Buy Your Son His Very Own Doll

2 comments Mar 7, 2016

Boy with Baby Stella Doll

By: Jamie Davis Smith Contributor for Everyday Family and Huffington Post; Professional Photographer  

Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls. Or will they? Although dolls are traditionally considered “girl” toys, many boys also have fun playing with dolls and can even learn a thing or two by having a “baby” of their own, which is another way that gender lines are being blurred a little bit. Whether or not that's a bad thing isn't the issue. The issue is finding the benefits in girls participating in typical “boy behaviors” and boys participating in typical “girl behaviors,” such as playing with dolls. I'm not talking about action figures and G.I. Joes, here. I'm talking about actual dolls. In fact, many companies are now making boy dolls so that little boys can have little friends that look like them. So, what are the benefits of playing with dolls for boys? Craig Bach, VP of Education for The Goddard School, gives three reasons why he thinks boys should play with dolls:

  1. “When considering the benefits of boys playing with dolls, do not discount that, one day, that young boy will grow up to be a man and may even be a father.
  2. “When given the opportunity, children naturally interact with dolls in ways that might prepare/reflect how they might treat an infant.
  3. “Playing with dolls allows children to engage in dramatic play and to imagine what it would be like to be a mother, father, coach, teacher, etc.”

Any interest a child takes in an activity is a great moment for shared learning among families, so even if you think that your son playing with a doll is a little strange, consider some of the lessons that can be taught and reinforced through this sort of play. Through unstructured play, children are able to develop positive attitudes toward learning and will become lifelong learners. If your son takes interest in dolls, consider some of the following options that will enforce learning and fun all at the same time.  

Snuggle Pods 

Start them off with an adorable lovey - Snuggle Pods. These sleepy dolls are nestled in their silky, velvety beds. Perfect for cuddles and an excellent first doll for baby. They're gender neutral and come in three different styles - pea pod, bunny, and bug.

Four snuggle pod dolls laid on a wood floor backdrop. Soft dolls each have their own fabric pods that they tuck inside.

Baby Stella Fella 

This soft baby doll comes in a cute removable romper and has a magnetic paci. A great option for even the littlest boys!

Toddler-age boy holding soft baby doll while laughing. Boy is standing in front of a yellow-dash patterned wall.


Playdate Friends

Ellis and Alex are two of six dolls in our Playdate Friends collection. All are 100% machine washer and dryer safe! They are excellent for busy toddlers on the go. Kids can play all day then you can wash all the dirt and spills away. 

Soft playdate friends doll collection seated in room scene. Three dolls in front, three dolls in back of scene. Names of two dolls, Ellis and Alex, written next to each with arrow directing to the applicable doll.



  • Patricia Ray August 20, 2018 at 10:11 am

    I love your Baby Stella and Wee Baby Stella dolls. They make the best gifts for small children and I have given several. Each loved very much!
    However I was disappointed that you only offer a blond Fella doll. I would love to see more variety of skin color and hair color in your boy doll.
    Thank you for your consideration of my need!
    Patricia Ray

  • Linda Torrence Richey March 21, 2018 at 3:41 am

    My great-niece just became an older sister and I believe it would be helpful and comforting if she would now be able to have her own soft Raggedy Ann style doll a rich dark brown just as she is and beautiful. Is this a possibility gladly pay extra admire the work I have seen the dolls in person. Thanks and Blessings, Linda

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