Helping your Firstborn Prepare for the Newborn

May 31, 2018

Girl with Baby Stella Beige

Preparing for your first child is an exciting and new experience for any parent.  Researching the "must haves" for your newborn, finding the "best" products and gear, not to mention reading up on what you "should" know!  It's a whirlwind planning for your first, but what about planning for number two?!

Let's face it, planning for your first has a lot to do with simply preparing yourself for the newest addition to the family.  But, when anticipating the arrival of your second, it's a whole new ball game; this time you have one more person to prepare . . . your firstborn.

We have some great tips and tricks to use toys as a helpful aid in preparing your little one for the arrival of their sibling!

Toy Tip 1: A Baby for Them

Baby dolls are great gifts for children anticipating the arrival of a new baby brother or sister.  They're perfect for role play and for showing them what to expect when the baby arrives. They can also be used as a baby for them to care for when mommy or daddy is busy tending to the newborn.

Baby Stella® Bath Set / Wee Baby Stella™ Fella / Baby Stella® Cute Comfort Car Seat

Baby Doll

Toy Tip 2: A Gift from your New Sibling

Your firstborn may not be too excited about having to share their mommy and daddy time, but a trick that may help them bond with their new sibling right from the start is a gift from them! Having your second born give a gift to their big brother or sister can certainly start things off on the right foot. I mean, who doesn't love getting gifts from their siblings?

Jurassic Adventure / MiO Playing Eating Sleeping Working Set / My Pal Clover

Gift from Baby

Toy Tip 3: Help in Styling

When preparing the nursery, involve your child in some of the decision making process. If you plan to incorporate toys into your room decor, invite your child to help. Narrow down the selection to a few toys you would love to include and have them pick their favorite. Making them a part of the process is a great way to build excitement and help create an early connection with their sibling.

Helpful hint - doubling toys as room decor makes clean up easy while adding a pop of fun in your child's room.

Little Jurassics Herb / MiO Sleeping + 2 People™ Set / Wimmer-Ferguson® Infant Stim-Mobile™

Nursery Room Decor

Toy Tip 4: Something for Baby

Giving a gift is a great way to show you care or, in this case, to welcome someone into your life. Letting your son or daughter choose a gift to give to their new sibling is a great way to get them excited about their new playmate.

Helpful hint - Our large and small size stuffed animals make a great pair.  large for big brother/sister and small for baby.

 Natural Skwish / Floppies Llama / Hippo Knit Rattle

Gift for baby

 Find these great toys and many more in preparation for baby number two!






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