Wood Toys for Endless Indoor Fun This Fall!

Oct 17, 2016

CASTLETemperatures are dropping, which means adding layers before heading outside to play is a must. Little ones will soon be spending more time indoors as skies become even greyer, so now is the time to stock up on toys that can entertain for hours on end until Mother Nature warms up to us again.   

Classic wood toys never go out of style. Just like the toys you played with as a child, favorites like wooden blocks stand the test of time — and are strong enough for some serious playtime. To make wood toys even more special, Manhattan Toy has reinvented them, making the playthings just as lovable and durable as you remember, but with a beautiful and educational twist! Not to mention, all of our wood toys have non-toxic water based finishes, making them fun and safe to play with. Shop wood toys today!

Don't forget: We're offering free shipping on all standard ground orders now through the holidays—no promo code required! 



Storybook Castle is a new, Manhattan Toy wood activity hub packed full of features. It's shaped like a castle that's protected by a moat and includes 4 different quadrants — perfect for playdates! The quadrants are packed with themed gliders, bead runs with colorful wood beads, snapping crocodile, and more. This wood entertainment wonderland is sure to keep the kiddos busy.



Beep The Robot is an adorable, 3D magnet stackable puzzle! Children can match up the blocks magnetically to create a 3D toy robot or use their imaginations to stack and arrange the magnetic blocks in many different ways. Plus, we've got other fun stackers, like Luna the Owl and Patches the Panda, that little ones are sure to love!



This dino is a wood dinosaur activity toy with an abundance of hands-on play surfaces, bead runs, peg mazes and more— it's even complete with an activity-filled dino tail! If that doesn't impress you, Playful Dino is the winner of the following awards: 

San Diego Family Magazine Hottest 50 Toys
Creative Child - 2016 Preferred Choice Award - Motor Skills Development category
Parents' Choice Award Recommended
Today’s Parent Top Toy Winner



This friendly-faced turtle has tons of play activities to foster fine motor skills, like a shape sorting surface and bead runs for counting. Truman Turtle the pull-toy easily glides along any flat surface thanks to his rubber-trimmed wheels. Watch as your little one smiles and shows him around!


Wood toys are the perfect gift to keep kids busy through restless fall and winter months. Plus, these toys are great for development and their classic style never fades. Shop wood toys today to warm a little one's heart!



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