Valentine Gifts for Ages 0 - 3 years

Feb 2, 2022

Focus On the Milestones

Are you looking for precious gifts for the little loves in your life? Gifting for the newest additions to the family can be a challenge. But, it doesn't have to be! Our pro-tip: focus on developmental milestones. It's a sure-fire way of giving a gift both parents and their littles will enjoy.

Image of soft plush toys with hearts


Teethers, snuggly pals, and tactile books are perfect for the newest valentines in your family. Toys are usually the last thing new parents add to their baby registries, so they make excellent gifts for holidays and special occasions. Encourage tummy-time, visual tracking, grasping, and more with developmentally friendly toys this Valentine's Day

One Year

Celebrate new walkers with a fresh pair of shoes. Young toddlers are also working on mastering their fine motor skills through meal and snack time. Set them up for success with a baby fork and spoon set or sippy cup. If you're looking for a little extra something, you can't go wrong with a new plush pal or fill and spill toy

Two Years

They're mobile, full of energy, and always looking for something to discover. Encourage solitary play with fun-filled activities like coloring sheets or play-dough. Pro-tip: choose no-mess markers that only color on special paper; mom and dad will be pleased. Washable dolls make excellent playtime companions for young toddlers. Especially ones that love bringing their best bud with them on every adventure. 

Young girl holding up number tiles from Subi game. Photo credit @ellen_wags on Instagram.

Photo credit @ellen_wags

Three Years

Elementary-learning games to encourage matching, memory, and early math skills are perfect for three years and up.  A new puzzle or game is an excellent way to foster learning through play.

Another toddler-friendly gift theme - toys and activities that encourage social emotional learning. Kids have big feelings, but aren't quite sure how to communicate them. Supporting social-emotional growth and understanding is integral for this age and stage. So, make it a fun learning experience with the help of activities and books! Big Little Feelings is a great resource for navigating the social-emotional landscape. 

Discover more age-appropriate toys, dolls, and stuffed animals by shopping our occasion category. Happy gifting! 

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