Toys for Holiday Travel

Oct 31, 2016

The perfect toys to take with you over the river and through the woods during this holiday travel season

By: Kaila Weingarten, MSED

Toys for Travel

Holidays are coming! Are your children counting down the days? Are you looking forward to seeing the family? Or are you dreading the time spent traveling, like me?

With three young children, I enjoy getting away and spending holidays with my family. But the time spent traveling also puts a damper on my plans. Fortunately, I have figured out a secret way to ease my traveling worries. Manhattan Toy to the rescue! Let me tell you, if there is one investment you want to make to ensure a great trip, it’s toys. I set out which toys my kids loved best.

Here’s what I learned from hands on travel with kids:

Car Toys Are A Must

The Wimmer-Ferguson Car Seat Gallery is fabulous for your infant, up to even a year old. The top quality pictures fascinated my 6 month old, who kept swatting at it. He was happily engaged, and I was happy to enhance his visual development. The instructions detail exactly which pictures are appropriate for which age.

Car Seat Gallery Travel Toy

Space Saving Toys Save Your Sanity

I’ve learned the hard way to travel with at least some toys to keep the kiddos entertained. But with all my baby gear, it’s hard to find the space for toys. Fortunately, the Manhattan Toy Whoozit collection is here. I am seriously in love with these, guys. Both of these toys multitask to provide maximum use and enhance development in children. You have to see the Space Blankie. Baby didn’t know which part to teethe on first! And big sisters loved the details.

The Learn and Play Cube packs a punch with myriad different activities for children to enjoy. Even grandma went gaga over this! They’ll build their math muscle while using the abacus and practicing time.

Whoozit Space Blankie Teething Toy

Making Memories

You know you need those travel pics. When I was growing up, my mom asked if we enjoyed the trip to the holiday party more, or the party itself. My brother voted for the travel part. So you want to take some cool pics. Make sure to include the Travel+Comfort collection in your holiday, and your photos will be instantly shareable. These items have a sophisticated yet child friendly design, and are gender neutral. My kids were thrilled to have their very own “Stash Box” Deer. These are great for young children who are naturally possessive. In the hullabaloo of the holidays, it is very healthy for them to have a private space for prized possessions. Also great for keeping pacifiers germ free! 


Gift alert: Are you having difficulty finding a present for the kid who has “everything”? Travel gear makes a great gift. It’s a unique idea that I am sure you’ll be thanked for again and again.

Don’t Forget Story Time

Do your kids need to unwind after a long day of travel? Relax with a soft book. Farmyard Friends is one cozy choice. My kids loved the farmer puppet attached to the book. Farmyard Friends Soft Book


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