The Silver Lining

Apr 1, 2020

The Silver Linings

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Amidst the social distancing, quarantining, school, daycare and store closings, many of us have been struggling to keep it together.  Juggling working from home while trying to keep a toddler entertained has become the new normal for many of us. 

Let’s face it, times are TOUGH!  All of life’s regular obstacles are still there, but now the question isn’t “what day should I go grocery shopping”? It’s “I wonder what I’ll find today”? Luckily, at least in our neck of the woods, the grocery stores have been able to adapt fairly quickly to the sudden increase in demand for everyday essentials.  Except for toilet paper, that’s in a category all its own. #wheresthetoiletpaper

It’s true, we are being faced with unprecedented times. And through this period of mandatory adaptation, many of us are discovering more about ourselves every day. But, through the chaos, stress and uncertainty, many are still finding a way to stay positive by uncovering the silver lining.

Home Bound

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Working from home.

Although the concept has become more and more adopted by organizations across the country, many of us never had the ability to experience it for ourselves. Like all new work conditions, it’s not easy, nor is it everyone’s first choice; but, for those of you reading this in your “home office”, it’s kind of awesome we get to try it!

Being resourceful.

Many of us are fortunate to have nearly anything (within reason), at our fingertips, regardless if it’s essential or simply that new game you picked up for the next family game night.  BUT, after being cooped up for two weeks and the toys you ordered haven't delivered, or that zipline you plan to install in the backyard has not come to fruition, you start getting crafty. Behold! arts and craft project made entirely out of sticks, leaves and those googly eyes you found in that drawer where every oddity gets placed.

Going the extra mile to connect.

Whether you’re down the street, or across the country, more than ever we’re clamoring to use any means of communication to connect with our loved ones. From downloading video chat and group gaming apps to sending care packages to friends far away, we’re reminded just how much social interaction means to all of us.


Photo Credit: @motheringmilo

Witnessing milestones.

Maybe you just got back from maternity leave, or your regular work schedule consists of frequent travel. If you’re in one of the many places currently under quarantine restrictions, you have had the opportunity to witness some milestones.  Those firsts, those funny instances or those tender moments between siblings that you will cherish forever.

Increased awareness.

You can probably name off every fresh produce item in your fridge right now.  You probably already planned how they will be prepared. Washing your hands has likely become second nature. In general, many of us have had to assess the impact of our everyday actions.

Special Moments

Photo Credit: @carolnejsumlin

New appreciation.

Whether it’s that extra time with your kiddos or taking the 20 minutes to go for a walk, social distancing has forced us to take a moment to enjoy some of life’s simple moments. Seeing your kiddos light up every morning, knowing that mom and/or dad is staying home... these are just some examples of how the little things can be the very things that keep us smiling.

The list could go on and on and we’d love to hear about your silver linings. Find us on Instagram and tag @manhattantoy when you share yours using #silverlinings and #stayhome.

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