The Never Ending "Why Mommy?"

Jun 25, 2012
Hello, I am the Marketing Manager at Manhattan Toy as well as a mother of two precious boys, one who is at the adorable age of 11 months and the other who is at the inquisitive age of 3 ½.  Who knew that one of life’s greatest challenges would be answering questions from a 3 ½ year old?  The world is a big mystery to him and now equipped with a full vocabulary of words he is able to enquire about everything he is thinking, which creates the perfect storm of the never ending “Why Mommy?”
Most days I can’t believe some of the answers that I come up with and even at my age now I still ask some of the same questions.  Why is the grass green or why can’t I have ice-cream for breakfast? 
It is a lot of fun seeing how my kids think, learn, and interact with everything around them.  What makes it even better is being part of a company that considers all aspects of a child’s development from birth through adolescence.  I can feel confident that they will only benefit from it and continue to grow and learn so much more.
If you have spoken with a toddler you can probably relate to them asking some of the most craziest and random things.
What quirky questions have you had to answer from your toddler?

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