That's Total MOM SENSE with Kanika

Apr 1, 2021
That's Total MOM SENSE

We are excited to share about our partnership with Kanika Chadda-Gupta, journalist, entrepreneur, and host of the top-rated podcast, That's Total Mom Sense where she interviews industry experts on their life stories, parenting, and wellness.

As a television anchor and executive producer for global networks (CNN, Zee TV), Kanika fueled her passion for storytelling through breaking news story coverage and celebrity interviews. But it was her journey into motherhood that parlayed her narratives into "tangible takeaways to help parents problem-solve.” Upon welcoming her three children [including twins] into the world within a year and a half, Kanika felt the pull to support parents honing in on their mom sense. What is mom sense? “It’s a parent’s own sixth sense – their superpower of intuition when it comes to their kids.”

Kanika approached us after her experience with Manhattan Toy in her own home - wanting to dig into the story behind the imaginative world of Manhattan Toy. Her April 1st episode features our very own Creative Director, Jeanne Bleu! Listen in to discover the WHY, HOW, and WHO behind our toy design. Plus, you’ll hear Jeanne’s mom sense moments through her own motherhood and grandmotherhood journey.  

Jeanne Bleu ~ "the kids enjoy playing with them . . . it's skill building and we know design matters - they look good in the nursery, they look good on the living room floor . . . something you can feel good about on many levels."

Kanika and Jeanne


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