Style Your Own Wee Baby Stella

Sep 19, 2022

Choose a Doll, Hairdo, and Playset too!

Style Your Own Wee Baby soft dolls laid on wood surface surrounded by doll play accessories, hair tufts, and muslin drawstring bags .

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newly redesigned Style Your Own Wee Baby Stella experience. The dolls are designed with inclusivity and interchangeability in mind. Each doll features an innovative fabric loop atop its head allowing hairstyles to be changed out in a few easy steps. Genius, right? Check out our "hairdo how-to" video below to see the process in action. 

For only $50, you can choose a doll + hairstyle + playset combination - perfect for the little doll lover in your life. Want more than one hairstyle or playset? No problem! You can add as many as you'd like - extra hair tufts are just $3 and playsets are $14 each.


Create yours in three easy steps. 1. choose your doll 2. choose your hairstyle 3. accessorize! Images of doll, hair style option and accessory set depicted above each step.

STEP 1. Choose from one of our 3 classic Wee Baby Stella doll tones (Beige, Brown, or Peach)

STEP 2. Choose one, or more, hair tuft(s) - 20 options (4 styles in 5 colors)

STEP 3. Choose one, or more, playset(s) - 3 options

  Style Yours Now

WHAT'S INCLUDED? (starting at $50)

Shows what elements are included in every $50 style your own doll set. Starting from left to right: 1 doll + magnetic pacifier + fabric tote, 1 hair tuft in a drawstring bag, 1 play set in a drawstring bag. The doll shown is a brown wee baby doll with a magnetic pacifier seated next to it, along with the fabric tote bag followed by a plus symbol. After the plus symbol the pink wavy + ribbon hair style is shown laid atop a muslin bag followed by another plus symbol. After the last plus symbol the Hats and Glasses play set is depicted both in and out of a drawstring bag.
All packed inside one little box - easy to wrap or slip into a gift bag. Plus, there's no delay. Your hand-picked selections are ready to ship today! So, what are you waiting for? 

  Style Yours Now



Shortly after launching the Create Your Own Wee Baby Stella program in 2018, we received feedback urging the need for equal representation and more options for customization. Your voices were heard! Our development team hit the ground running, working through several doll iterations before landing on the present design. We thank our loyal community for pushing us to innovate and improve the program. We hope you enjoy this genuine community-inspired offering.

Have suggestions on how we can improve the Style Your Own Wee Baby Stella doll experience? Tell us about it!


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