Staying Connected - A Story of JL & Minnie

Mar 26, 2020

JL & Minnie - Jeanne Bleu

JL & Minnie

Hello there, this is Jeanne Bleu, creative director for Manhattan Toy. I am working from home along with the rest of my team to keep our new toy projects moving along! 

My pre-pandemic life was one of quiet solitude, dreamy weekends lost in books, music, walks, (too much social media) - but this is a new level of solitude!

My daughter lives on the east coast and is also working from home - or trying to! With two little ones - ages 5 and 10 months, her challenges are possibly less philosophical; more keeping everyone safe, clean, fed and entertained!

As a fun way to stay connected, my grandson JL and I (he calls me Minnie) are taking turns choosing a subject, then sharing our art via FaceTime.

If you want to play too, we'll be sharing a new drawing suggestion in our Instagram stories starting March 27. Share your child's creations using #myminniedrawing and yours may be re-shared!

Day 1 | Tiny Dog

JL's Tiny Dog

Minnie's Tiny Dog

Day 2 | Leopard/Cheetah | There was some disagreement on the assignment!

JL's Leopard/Cheetah

Minnie's Leopard

Day 3 |  Puppy Eating Pancakes

JL's Puppy with Pancakes

Minnie's Puppy with Pancakes

Day 4 | Penguin

JL's Penguin

Minnie's Penguin

Day 5 | Martial Eagle

JL's Martial Eagle

Minnie's Martial Eagle

DAY 6 | Favorite Toy

JL' Favorite Toy

Minnie's Favorite Toy

DAY 7 | Castles

JL's Castle

Minnei's Castle

DAY 8 | Pajamas

JL's Pajamas

Minnie's Pajamas

DAY 9 | Boots

Jl's Boots

Minnie's Boots

DAY 10 | Race Car

JL's Race Car

Minnie's Race Car

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