Retailer of the Month: Brilliant Sky Toys

Aug 14, 2014
This month’s featured retailer  is Brilliant Sky Toys and Books.   Director of Vendor Relations, Whitney Hall has worked at the Brentwood, TN location since it opened in 2010.  This August marks the four year anniversary of this franchise location.  As a young and up-and-coming store location, they have had great success in selling a variety of imaginative toys, including Manhattan Toy, that cater to nearly every age Brilliant Sky Toys and Books favorite part of the toy business is “providing happiness for children, parents and grandparents alike”, says Whitney.  This is one of the reasons why they strive to have a wide range of toys within each of their stores.  F  rom dolls, action figures and games, to pretend play, art and remote control toys; they do their best to make sure they have toys for every category. Part of the fun of working at a toy store, is getting to play with all the cool toys!  According to Whitney, the best part of her job is showing customers her favorite toys.  Being able to demo toys in the store gives shoppers the ability to test them out before making a purchase, which only adds to their excitement. Where do they get all their toys?  To stay abreast of the newest toy trends, Brilliant Sky Toys attends three to four toy industry trade shows per year.  Traveling to shows all over the country,  they are able to discover the new ‘hit’ toys on the market.  As Whitney puts it “we like to stay fresh with the latest and greatest.” Be sure to stop in and check out Brilliant Sky Toys in the Brentwood, or visit their website to find out more about their Brentwood location. Brilliant Sky Toys and Books is expanding, with new locations soon to be popping up in Atlanta, GA! Visit for a full list of store locations, news and updates. brilliant sky toys store

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