Prepped for the Park

Mar 25, 2015
Print March 30 is national “Take a Walk in the Park Day”. So we’ve put together a list of 10 things you should do before your next park venture! Getting the kids ready for any trip can be an adventure all on its own, but having a list makes the job a little easier.   Take a look at our 10 pointers to help you prepare for your next walk in the park! 1. Check the Forecast – walking isn’t as fun when the weather is not on your side. Extremely hot temperatures or really windy conditions can be just as upsetting as a mid-walk downpour.   Don’t let the weather put a damper on your next outing! 2. Dress for the Weather – although it’s spring, the weather is still unpredictable! Make sure you pack a light jacket or even a hat and gloves for your little ones if you plan on taking a longer trip. 3. Good Shoes – be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Whether you’re going for a long walk, or climbing on a playground, proper footwear is a necessity. 4. Turn your Walk into an Imaginative Adventure – before you head out, think of ways to turn the mid-day trip into an adventure. Plan some games: “eye-spy” or make a scavenger hunt for your kids/walking companion. 5. Apply some SPF – spring has arrived in the US, which means the sun is moving closer to the earth and its rays are getting stronger. Protect yourself from sunburn and apply a coat of sunscreen before you make your way out into the fresh outdoors. 6. Bring your Phone, GPS or a Map – discovering a new park or nature trail is exciting, but knowing where you are keeps the trip fun and safe. Plus, with your phone in hand, you can always call for help in case of an emergency. 7. Pack some Sustenance – Even if you just ate a meal, bring some nutritious snacks and water for the trek. Staying hydrated is very important, so make sure everyone in your walking party is drinking fluids. Choosing juicy fruits as snacks is also a good way to replace electrolytes: oranges, apples, pears or plums. 8. Plan your Walk – decide where you are going to go and plan how far you intend to walk. Take into consideration who you’re walking with. Your kids may not have the energy for an extended walk, so make sure you choose a duration that is good for everyone in your group. (remember, a stroller can provide a break for young kids and can also hold any cargo you bring along) 9. Pick a Resting Spot – If you’re going on a longer walk, plan a place where you can take a break if needed. If the park you are in has a playground, look-out spot or a picnic area, stop to catch your breath and take in your surroundings. 10. Bring some Toys – whether you’re on a walk with a 3 month old or a 40 year old, bringing along games is always a good idea. If you’re walking companions are older, bring a Frisbee or a soccer ball. If you have a younger crowd, bring a favorite toy that is ok to get a little dirty or bubbles to blow.

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